Love Weekend (Love Yourself)

Valentine’s Day is a custom-made holiday invented to promote and increase consumerism, like so many other holidays.

Valentine’s Day should be 365 days a year, and if we want to find a name for it, this would have to be the day for loving each other, reclaiming self-love, love of oneself to then love well, calmly, and in peace with others.

We reclaim this weekend for all kinds of love.

Love for your partner, your parents, grandparents, children, friends, but above all for oneself, that is the foundation. It is more important to love ourselves than to love. If you are going to love, let it be with conviction, let it be decisive and forward, a love for the common good, a love for people and animals, a love for the planet. Make sustainability your banner, turn proximity into a feeling, what is organic into an obligation. Turn loving yourself into a religion.

So, let’s raise our hearts, throw clouds of emotion up, collect the rain of excitement, get infected with the love virus, give without expecting anything in return and everything will come … Love, respect, empathy, a better planet, a more sustainable way of living .

Let’s love, let’s love each other …

May there be no Valentine’s Day, may the weekend of love be so long that it never ends, may it spread throughout the world, from north to south, from east to west, may race or color not matter, may it not mean that the ones from here mean more than those who are not, because perhaps tomorrow we are the ones who are not. We will look with eyes of responsibility. Let no one forget to love themselves and each other because both are part of the same, both are part of this love weekend, the one that lasts forever inside you.

Love yourself!

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