The essential difference

The difference unites us, all different and at the same time equal, all with our head and heart, all with our reason.

The difference between mothers and kids, between people of here and there, between good and not se good, the difference of live, of to be or empathize… at all of this and more, united us the imperfection of being different and choose in our destiny our road, beginning or end, either calm or storm.

The delusion and emotion of this project made us rethink and observe a lot of things that happens around us, and maybe the most important, is that behind this big effort and realized job, there are persons. A lot of people involved so that it goes better.

The relations and care between womens and nature, between kids and sustainability, between mans and planet, responsibility and conscience…

We put a lot of intensity to pretend to do the possible to minimize our paw print, that our footsteps only serve to take conscience of what we have.

Now a days it would have to be an obligation use the confections, organic cotton. Why? The answer is obviously, the organic cotton is a definition to the umbrella of (GOTS) global organic textile rule, that supervises all the cotton travel, since the seed uo to the confection. This organization mark some ecological and sostenible  parameters like, NO transgenic, NO pesticide, less electrical and water uses, NO emissions of CO2 in the crops, NO overexploitation of the natural resources of the planet, NO forced labor, NO the use of the kids in the process, NO toxic dyes… 

We hope that be clear that the OSOKOA clothes are always made with organic cotton, sustainable price, fair trade and involved people

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