Fast Fashion or Slow Fashion?

My mother makes broth over a low flame. As it bubbles away she carefully and gradually adds the ingredients, having selected the best products sold to her by her trusted grocer. The water boils and bubbles burst constantly in the air, triggering off a rainbow of aromas. In due time, she pours her love into the magic cauldron to produce a delicious potion. As could not be otherwise, time must take its course and is measured in life experience rather than in seconds, while the amounts added are measured in hope and not in zeros …

Fast fashion is the antithesis to our evolution today. It is the forerunner to ecological and human disaster.

Fast fashion is the antithesis to our evolution today. It is the forerunner to ecological and human disaster. Rivers are dyed with the colour of the forthcoming season and children give their childhood away to the indestructible owners of power, all as a consequence and a part of the high price that we pay for compulsive consumption, for mass manufacture, for the over-exploitation of resources and labour and for unsustainably low prices.

Slow fashion advocates slowing down to the sure and steady pace of a tortoise, and leaving no trace while adapting to the environment and the current moment.

Knowing where and why is important and knowing when and how matters. That’s what we are about when marking out a path, and setting a positive course with love, trust, excitement and determination.

We know where our spun cotton comes from. It originates from India and Vietnam, always the watchful eye of GOTS certification. We know who weaves the fabric and who dyes it. We see who makes the patterns, samples and garments and we can scent who prints them for us. We work side by side with our professionals to come up with strategies that minimize our carbon footprint on the planet and we strive to ensure that our clothing not only has a careful, different and meaningful design, but is also of a high quality, long-lasting, sustainable, organic and locally-made to make us beautiful both inside and out. 

We do slow fashion. What about you?

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