Everything springs from hope. Everything is the result of a decision and comes into being when the two last ingredients are present to give the final touch: a handful of attitude with a pinch of emotion. What a great combination!

Life is full of changes that are neither better nor worse. They are simply changes for us to develop as people, to move forward or to stop. It doesn’t matter. The question is to evolve with a view to improving, helping, contributing, respecting and loving. All in all this requires being in tune with what your heart rightly or wrongly is telling you.

Our moment came after a few days with no rest and after a lot of struggling, writing, designing and listening …

We are very pleased to be going ahead with this project, which has been intricately shaped to bring the satisfaction of collaborating with colleagues while carefully supervising the origin and handling of the materials with which we work. This includes where and how the cotton in our (100% organic) garments is harvested as well as the origin of the cardboard in our packaging and a myriad of other details such as tapes, buttons, patterns, labels and inks. 

We make every effort to give our best and do so with the invaluable help of optimism, happiness and enthusiasm!

We pamper our tailoring and processing collaborators. They are magnificent professionals and even better people. They virtually all have a long track record in textiles and are based very close to our headquarters near Barcelona. Here, the sun and the sea shape the character of the people and give them that Mediterranean amiability discernible in every corner, that solidarity and commitment, that inclusive spirit and empathy, and that beautiful way of doing things with extra sustainability and quality.

Our brand is based on emotions.

We are not just any brand. We are a new way of clothing the world. We are OSOKOA!!!

Heartmade in BCN, Emotion brand!


At OSOKOA we think that emotions move the world, they are what make us think and decide, and for this reason we wanted to give a hashtag of emotion and an explanation to each garment to express what we have created, decided and felt!

#Self-Steem Collection

Who else can you trust to make the big decisions? We always seek out friends, family or partners but our successes and failures are down to our way of doing things. Whether victory pushes you forward or defeat shows how hard it is to advance, always trust in yourself!

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A true statement of intent to boost everyone’s power to listen to what’s inside them. All strength comes from the thought that you are capable of anything …

Strong, brave, determined! Nobody can doubt you are that: special, different, unique! Never doubt yourself!!!

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You can’t be something you’re not!

How are you going to get by on your own?

You can’t go beyond the limits of reality!

How are you going to get up after a fall?

All they say is NO, NO, NO …

Well I say NONINÁ (HELL NO)!!!

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Special? What does being special mean? 

Aren’t we all special? Diversity is the spice of life and sustains the universe. In difference lies the thrill… I don’t want to be normal, common or run-of-the-mill. I want to be a different character whose cloak is in the mind: an amazing hero known for being brave with a strong voice. I want to live freely, without a blindfold over my eyes and imagining I am “normal”.

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A cocoloco is someone who feels alive and different, someone from here and everywhere, a free-thinking idealist and dreamer who clowns around, sometimes in a tie and sometimes in heels, constantly advancing and improving, getting up even before falling and steeped in ideas of strength and freedom!

A cocoloco refers neither to a feeling nor to a situation. It is neither a skill nor an emotion. A cocoloco is someone with the permanent state of enthusiasm necessary to evolve…

Are you a cocoloco?

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There’s nothing more important than not being told how to be… We were born free to walk, to run or to fly. This hashtag’s power springs from our need as human beings not to be judged by how we are or by our attitude. Let me be me!

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You needn’t run. What matters isn’t the destination but the path that gets you there… Our decisions are what make us different from everyone else: whether to go forward, whether to turn and go back, who to love, whether to leave or to return, and how long to stay … whether it’s worth fighting, giving, receiving or gifting, whether to take the leap and to reach for the stars… whether to laugh or to cry and to close your eyes, imagine and dream…

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Magic clothes that make you the superheroine, with which just one word connects you with your own essence… 

A short, direct and impactful message to tell others who you are!!!

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Why renounce something you want just because people who think they’re better criticise you? 

Why give up on your goals just because you’re made to feel inferior?

Why forget your dreams just because someone wants to clip your wings?

Why give up on your life to let other people take charge and enjoy it?

Don’t let anyone steal your dreams. Say no!

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Follow. Don’t give up. If you stumble, keep going. If you cry, don’t let the tears flood your heart. If you are trapped in darkness, let your inner light guide you outside.

Follow, don’t stop walking. If your fears bring you to a halt with sadness, carry on travelling. If you feel things are not going right, don’t stop. Tomorrow will be better!

Follow, don’t lose hope. Lift your spirits and never stop seeking what your heart wants!

Follow! Don’t stop. FOLLOW!!!

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#Hope Collection

Shhh …

Something is changing…

Small stones begin moving mountains.

Tiny drops form long rivers.

New shoots grow into tall forests …

The land, like us, is experiencing a metamorphosis. Where once there was envy, now there is empathy. Where once there was sadness, now there is excitement. Where once there was pessimism, now there is hope.

Shhh …

Listen to the sounds of change, waves that ebb and flow, erasing in their wake a worn past of false hope and beliefs.

Beautiful moments become eternal moments and specific actions become great traditions.

Let us lift up souls and hearts, join forces and consciousness, let us work side by side, without prejudice, without anger or resentment, without hatred or violence, without fear or loneliness.

A new way of seeing and taking care of ourselves and the planet is here.

The era of hope is upon us!

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The Shinobi were the first ninja in the land of the rising sun. Special samurais trained in the art of Ninjutsu, where part of their training consisted of being more resistant and cultured. They handled different weapons, knew how to prepare secret potions and could even camouflage themselves so as not to be discovered on their missions.

Shrouded in legends and mysteries, the Shinobi have endured in time, until we have reinvented their customs and way of dressing.

Nowadays it is not necessary to camouflage oneself, but it is true that the Shinobi sweater is original and warm.

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Oceans, thousands of grains of sand lie on the beach, basking in the sun, waiting to cool off with the first wave … some come and go, others sink into the depths and others wait patiently for the arrival of the moon to be bathed in colour.

Sand and earth kissed by the rain and the sea … Dry and wet, red and orange, hard and quick, sand that supports our feet … We must take care of it!

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The earth has everything, resources, air, water, sand … but little by little we are wearing it down, consuming its virtues, the human hand constantly leaving too deep a mark, and the planet suffers and complains.

The earth is all the elements that there are and all of us who inhabit it, it is a loan to live and must be respected and cared for.

Now we are aware, or we act or there is an expiration date, the earth takes care of us, let’s take care of it too!

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Nothing will be the same…

Years without paying attention, decades without listening to what surrounds us, centuries without thinking about how to act.

But not anymore, it’s over, time and patience, the earth constantly warns us, you better change, I’m exhausted, nothing will be the same …

Little by little, step by step, we are learning to take each other by the hands again and move forward, respect and care, change is coming and is unstoppable, it depends on us …

Nothing will be the same…

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Some of us have the power to help others, others the power to make anyone happy and some even the power to create life … but let’s not forget the greatest power we have is the power to believe in ourselves, we are capable of anything. and more, infinite possibilities, flying without wings, loving and loving oneself looking at each other and liking each other, sewing if we are broken, drawing, getting wet, freeing ourselves …

That is where the power lies, look inside yourself!

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There are strokes, lines that come together and separate. There are voids full of life. There are stories with no equal, there are beginnings without end.

Like love, like beautiful people, like altruistic acts, like things made with the heart.

Infinity goes beyond a drawing on paper, a symbol made with a brush. Infinity is everything and nothing at the same time.

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One step forward and I raise my hand, I raise my voice and from the rooftops I tune into my out of tune life. Nothing is perfect, everything is beautiful and in its space, in its place, neither higher up nor lower down, here, where all the beauty of the moment can be appreciated.

I won’t leave for tomorrow what I can do today, I live in the moment!

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We can’t be late, it’s now or never.

We have built an invisible prison from which we cannot find the lock even though we have the key.

Now is the time to act, learn, react, and pay attention to our surroundings, take each other by the hands, and move forward… Are you coming?

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Oceans, thousands of grains of sand lie on the beach, basking in the sun, waiting to cool off with the first wave … some come and go, others sink into the depths and others wait patiently for the arrival of the moon to be bathed in colour.

Sand and earth kissed by the rain and the sea … Dry and wet, red and orange, hard and quick, sand that supports our feet … We must take care of it!

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I am the resistance, the one that insists and persists, the one that does not resign itself to making this worse …

I am from the club of free souls, one of those who add and do not subtract, I am registered on the list of the island of good.

I am the one of the poems made with heart, of those that fulfill the promises to be better every day.

It is me, the one who opens the window every day to get inundated in light, the one who is impregnated with life, the one who does not give up with a no.

I’m the one who doesn’t want to stay just because I’m the one who doesn’t settle for living just to exist.

If you are from the clan of freedom, welcome to the resistance …

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I want it all, I want what I have and what I don’t…

I want my moments of happiness, of sadness, and those moments to come…

I want a more united world,  I want my friends and family, I want liberty, respect, and equality….

Call me selfish, but I want it all!

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This is who I am, I cannot change.


Not only can one change, one must change…

Change your attitude, change the way you see things, change the way you understand people, change how you perceive fashion, change the world.

It’s possible, surely it’s possible. We all can, together or separately. The change begins within us.

In each of our actions, in the way we do, live, and think.

Will you sign up for the change?

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The future generation is already here, the girls and boys who will sow the earth to reap the fruit of the seeds of love, happiness, harmony, respect, empathy, and equality…

All that is yet to come is in the hands of this promising future.

In their genuineness is the freedom of their acts and also the consequences that arise from them.

Each and every one of us is the future!

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I feel that everything’s going to be all right, I can feel hope inside me. I hope to continue my path soon, to calmly find happy and joyful trails that will take me to my destination. 

Hopefully, it’ll be that way. 

Hopefully, I’ll be able to live and not just exist.

Hopefully, I won’t need to search for happiness 

Hopefully, we will be together 

Hopefully, everything goes well 

Hopefully, we’ll never lose hope 


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We have eyes, ears, a nose, a brain and the ability to reason. But a lot of times we’re missing heart. 

Where are we going so fast? We are missing out on the journey. Why not stop, take a breath, reflect, accept, and change. 

We all do things our own way, we are so different yet so alike at the same time.

With People, we wanted to reclaim the foundation of all human beings, the skeleton and skull, which prove and demonstrate that the only difference is in our own heads and not in our appearance.

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The first sky-sized drops gently glide across the colors of the rainbow, creating a furrow as they skim the dry, sun-scorched sand. At that moment, at that precise peaceful moment, the explosion of the soft aroma that the earth gives off is perceived.

Petrichor is so much more than a word, more than a garment, more than a scent, more than a sensation. Petrichor is an emotion!

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I look so pretty bathed in red, green, and blue colors.

I feel full of life, vibrating with the tickling of a thousand feet dancing on me …

I perceive the emotion of free souls in dance, drawing a map to live together better, like a treasure.

I believe that what I create is life and not disaster. I create sand, grass, water, and not toxic asphalt.

I believe that humanity is people, neither men nor women, neither rich nor poor, neither white nor black, neither normal nor different …

Sincerely:  Earth

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