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At OSOKOA we manufacture our clothes through 100% organic cotton fabrics with CERTIFICATE-GOTS, sustainable and made without chemical agents, closing a circle at the end of the life of the tissue where the raw materials used will return to earth for feed it. The land belongs to everyone, let’s take care of it !!!

We dress boys and girls from 1 to 100 years old, we dress them with values ​​of sustainability, empathy, emotion and love through clothing piece funny, unique, unisex, inclusive and different!!!

Global Organic Textile Standard


Proximity to OSOKOA means several things. First try to make productions in a  locally level, the transport where has the least possible impact, as well as select production partners who use resources and practices renewable as well as small productions… OSOKOA also bet because the word proximity serve for people, at all levels, from those around here to those further away, they are also with us, are an important part of OSOKOA too and are very close to us and in our hearts.



We dyed our clothes with the least quantity of water and energy possible. Certified and with the STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX Registered, stamp it’s an independent testing and certificate system constant in all the worldwide for raw, textiles, semi elaborate and finished textile products at all levels of processing, as well as materials and accessories used.

We believe that not necessary continue overeploting the planet’s natural resources. Almost all the materials used by OSOKOA are recycled materials that can be reused again… Thanks for helping us !!!

human & social

At OSOKOA everything is conceived, designed and produced with a lot of care and attention, in workshops that provide us fair and dignified working conditions, with sustainable production quantities. We try to help to create a better world and more fairer, creating a favorable environment that is responsible for nature and the society around us.

People first, and that’s why we work with NGOs that make the world a better place to live!

HARIBALA – It is an NGO that supports communities without resources in India, through collaborations and sponsorships a network is created to improve their living conditions and provide facilities for certain disadvantaged collectives.

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