Everything springs from hope. Everything is the result of a decision and comes into being when the two last ingredients are present to give the final touch: a handful of attitude with a pinch of emotion. What a great combination!

Life is full of changes that are neither better nor worse. They are simply changes for us to develop as people, to move forward or to stop. It doesn’t matter. The question is to evolve with a view to improving, helping, contributing, respecting and loving. All in all this requires being in tune with what your heart rightly or wrongly is telling you.

Our moment came after a few days with no rest and after a lot of struggling, writing, designing and listening …

We are very pleased to be going ahead with this project, which has been intricately shaped to bring the satisfaction of collaborating with colleagues while carefully supervising the origin and handling of the materials with which we work. This includes where and how the cotton in our (100% organic) garments is harvested as well as the origin of the cardboard in our packaging and a myriad of other details such as tapes, buttons, patterns, labels and inks. 

We make every effort to give our best and do so with the invaluable help of optimism, happiness and enthusiasm!

We pamper our tailoring and processing collaborators. They are magnificent professionals and even better people. They virtually all have a long track record in textiles and are based very close to our headquarters near Barcelona. Here, the sun and the sea shape the character of the people and give them that Mediterranean amiability discernible in every corner, that solidarity and commitment, that inclusive spirit and empathy, and that beautiful way of doing things with extra sustainability and quality.

Our brand is based on emotions.

We are not just any brand. We are a new way of clothing the world. We are OSOKOA!!!

Heartmade in BCN, Emotion brand!

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